Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shakespearean Christmas

I found this on the internet, here.

Not to be outdone, here are a couple of my own efforts...

O come, king of Naples,
Shipwrecked on this island 
Along with your brother, son, and others besides 
Because of a Tempest conjured by me, Prospero. 
Ariel will stop slaughter; 
Your son will wed my daughter; 
And Caliban will get plastered with Stephano.


Away with the fairies, 
The mischievous Puck
Bewitches two couples
In the woods where they... 're stuck.
And meanwhile, a rehearsal
Ends in chaos and dread
When Bottom develops
An asinine head.


"Emperor is Saturninus."
So says Titus Andronicus.
Queen Tamora loves a Moor. A 
Tale of revenge goes thus:
Human sacrifice and rape;
Murder; hands to mutilate.
Romans willing; Goths for killing.
Baked in pies Tamora ate.


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