Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Porcelain express

Perhaps I shouldn't blog about my aquarium. I did so here and two fish promptly dropped dead.


I found an ill-looking tiger barb and isolated it in a net in the aquarium so that it wouldn't get attacked by the other fish, and the barb died overnight. A day later I discovered the mortal remains of one of the allegedly indestructible catfish on the gravel.

Normally this sort of thing is caused by poor water quality, but chemical tests reveal nothing wrong with the water, and none of the other tank occupants seem to be even slightly unwell. So it's a bit of a mystery.

If I never mention the aquarium on this blog again, it'll be because my fish drop dead every time I publish something about them. So now you know.

I am currently considering buying a marine aquarium. Aside from the additional cost and complexity, there is the issue of finding somewhere in Grumpy Goat Towers where a second fish tank won't get in the way of the rest of the furniture whilst still being reasonably visible. It's a bit pointless keeping ornamental fish if no-one can see them. And the decision is also related to whether or not I change my accommodation arrangement when my lease expires in July. And that is subject to how greedy my landlord decides to be.


Mme Cyn said...

RIP fish. Let;s hope it was just a fluke or their natural life spans just happened to have hit the end at the same time.

Anonymous said...

So ... any more petrified pisceans?


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