Thursday, July 26, 2007

Son et lumière

When I flash my headlights, this means:-
  • I'm going faster than you.
  • Get out of my way!
  • My car is better than yours.
  • Come on.
  • Stay back!
  • You can pull in front of me.
  • Don't pull in front of me!
  • There's a speed trap just ahead.
  • Turn off your high beams.
  • I haven't noticed my high beams are on.
  • My screenwash bottle is empty.

When I sound my horn, this means:-
  • Wakey wakey!
  • I want a shwarma.
  • Your taxi has arrived.
  • Stay out of my lane!
  • The traffic lights have turned green.
  • You drive like a senile old crone.
  • The car security is now armed.
  • Please open the gate.
  • How dare you steal my parking space!
  • Please move your car. It's blocking me in.
  • Help! Help! This car is being stolen!
  • F***w**!
  • Any of the reasons for flashing my headlights.


El Casareño Ingles said...

I always thought that flashing headlights simply meant "I am here", which of course can be interpreted as any of the above.

As for horns, there's an additional meaning in Spain - as a way of saying hello or greeting wedding parties.

Grumpy Goat said...

Of course! I'd forgotten variations on the theme of "My team won!"

zooey said...

re: flashing. well for me there are only 2 interpretations, -tho i had a good laff at yours.

1- go ahead, i'll wait for you
2- get out of my way you b----d

in UK, where i come from, and enjoy driving, number one is the rule/ so personally, i usually only employ my first understanding, making the flash as short as possible, ie trying not to seem aggressive. hopefully the oncoming driver will get it.

as for being on the receiving end of flashes, of course it helps if you can see the nationality of the driver - or am i not allowed to say that? if it's a 'european' i feel ok to go ahead; if i can't see, or it's mirror windows, i just beware and be patient. hey that's what we preach and practise on the road, isn't it?

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