Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Unlucky for some

Did anyone catch up with the story about the drunken yahoos in Brisbane? According to the newspapers, as a prank they took a pet goat out of a field, dragged this pet to a church that was under construction and then beheaded the animal in a mock satanic ritual.

I know I'm a bit biased, but if the goat had been my family pet, I would have been extremely upset. We learn that Tracey Lee Arnold has been put on probation and has to undergo psychiatric treatment. And for some bizarre reason gets banned from driving.

To add insult to injury the goat, it seems, is worth $64 to its owner. That's around Dh240. Damage to the church is apparently $1417, Dh5200. It's good to see that the judiciary has its priorities right. The prosecutor reckoned that the prank '...would have caused serious offence, particularly to the church community.' And to the pet's owner???

Question: if someone broke into your back yard one night and stole and killed your pet labrador, how would you feel about it? I would hazard a guess that you'd be demanding a lot more than an apology and Dh240.


Bindu said...


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GetYerGoat said...

Well I can say this .. if someone broke into my yard and stole and even THOUGHT of injuring one of my precious goats I think I would have had to take matters into my own hands.. I am very protective of my goats and I'm afraid I act like a mom does with a small child when it comes to their health and welfare. This kind of thing goes on Far too often and people continue to get lesser charges with goats than most other animals- my goats would be worth more than $64 on the selling market and priceless to me.
This story like many others just breaks my heart- as I look out into my goat yards at all of those innocent and precious faces.

Goatally Yours,


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