Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bon voyage?

On your trip, Mr Bush, may I speculate if
You expected Dubai to be closed?
You were told it was sunny and warm in the Gulf
Yet you needed your waterproof clothes.

There weren't any cars on the roads where you drove.
They resembled '28 Days Later'.
The curfew was thought up the previous day
As all panic decisions to date are.

From Mirdif to Sharjah was easy and quick
In the morning. No Dubai commuters
Were blocking my path on the Sharjah ring road:
No tantrums, rude gestures or hooters.

At my destination there's nowhere to park;
The residents all stayed at home.
I walked in the rain for a mile and a half
And the cold I've now caught makes me groan.

It wasn't allowed on your balc'ny to stand
To observe Mr President's jolly.
Were Plod thinking "Texas Book Deposit'ry",
Or perhaps something grassy and knolly?

Without any traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road
No customers bought any gas,
But the staff were all trapped at the ENOC and co.
Their transport was held up, alas.

The cost to Dubai has been estimated
At Dirhams point 432 billion.
I wonder where we should be sending the bill?
The suggestion 'The White House'? A silly one.

It's now a day later, and everything's back
To normality, 'cept for the rains.
There's gridlock of course, and the roads are a mess
Because of inadequate drains.


D said...

Hehe ... pretty accurate...

nzm said...

Still on form, I see!

We drove into north-eastern Victoria last weekend and saw signs for a place called Wodonga.

J and I were reminded of your Wild Women ditty!

i*maginate said...

Classic! I was waiting for someone to post a poem about this historic occasion...;-)

Great read heheh

(p.s. it's not 432 bil, it's mil)

Seabee said...

Nice one Mr Goat :-)

Grumpy Goat said...

"point 432 billion" = 432 million.

Thanks for your encouragement, folks.

dubaibilly said...

Nice one Grumpy!

Jayne said...

Nice one Mr Goat! Hubs complained cos he only got an afternoon off when the French Prez nutted in to check out Reem Island!

Mars said...

nice one...


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