Thursday, June 12, 2008

I know where you're coming from

This map was generated using the World66 web site. Is it, as the website intends, a graphical demonstration of countries I've visited? Well no, actually. I used the tool to save myself a thousand words and summarise whose passport holders can obtain a 30-day free visa on arrival in the UAE. As at today, here is the up to date information.
    Important disclaimer: check before you visit. Rules tend to change. Caveat peregrinans.
Oh look: citizens of rich and/or western(ised) countries are allowed to get in for free. Why are the visa costs going up (example: from Dh100 to Dh500) for citizens of all the other countries? How fair and reasonable is it to charge high rates to prospective labourers, teaboys and maids when western executives can get in for nuppence?

Ah, but of course we want rich, professional executives to visit and to buy allegedly 'freehold' real estate, whereas we hate the idea of nice residential areas becoming polluted by large numbers of hawk - spit - ching! bachelors. By making visas prohibitively expensive it'll knock the UAE off their itinerary.

While we're about it, let's tear down Satwa. A picture of old Dubai does the rounds that shows Sheikh Zayed Road in 1991. As recently as then, Satwa was pretty much a desert. In 17 years it has become urbanised, turned into multiple copies of the Crumbling Villa and been scheduled for demolition. Where are Umm Khammas and her Freej chums going to live then? Modern luxury apartments, presumably.

And having expunged from Dubai everyone except the rich, living la vida local in their modern luxury apartments and villas, who's going to empty the bins, sweep the streets, dust the aforementioned apartments, clean, service and refuel the cars?


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Anonymous said...

I think this map comes under "one picture is worth" about 993 words. T-M-I-L


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