Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Muntz moment

Why was there a traffic jam on Airport Road the other Thursday? By the time I got to the front of the queue, the reason was obvious. A white minibus was broken down in the left-hand lane and its passengers and luggage were being transferred to a taxi that was parked in the right-hand lane. Three lanes of afternoon rush-hour traffic all funnelled into the one-lane gap. It apparently didn't occur to anyone to park the taxi on the service road. Blocking two thirds of the highway was clearly much more satisfactory.

It was to my astonishment then, that as I drove past Terminal 3 the aforementioned white minibus came hurtling past me as if the Devil of Hell was pursuing him. Not so broken down after all, it would appear.

After Terminal 3 and before the Airport Expo there is a set of traffic lights. Here I encountered the same white minibus. As I pulled up in the queue, the driver decided to swerve left into my lane. I only avoided impact by stomping hard on my brakes and hitting the horn. He stopped, and then spent the next minute or so fiddling back and forth before cutting behind the Goatmobile and heading off up the empty left-turn and U-turn lane, clearly in an enormous hurry to go somewhere. The airport, perhaps? Probably not, given he'd just discharged his passengers and luggage. He was probably heading back to his base, the Eureka Hotel, if the signwriting all over the minibus was to be believed.

When the lights eventually turned green, the left lane wasn't going anywhere. I crawled to the front and saw what had happened. Mr Minibus had overtaken the queue, pushed in at the front, and then been rear-ended by a taxi. So much for his hurry. He'd now have to wait around for a Police Report.

"Haaa, haaa!"



Media Junkie said...

what a jackass.

hemlock said...

the 'ha ha' says it like nothing else.


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