Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The allegory basks on the bank

“George, if I give you this £20, can you please pass it on Kevin at the club?” Fred asked.

George agreed. “I’ll do it for free,” he declared.

And then it occurred to George that this was in addition to Clive’s £30 that he’d promised a couple of his friends he would pass on. George also realised that he didn’t fancy going to the club that evening. It was the other end of town, and he rather preferred the prospect of a quiet evening in with family, a DVD and a bottle of wine.

The obvious solution was to have a word with his next-door neighbour. “Are you going over to the club this evening, Steve?” George asked.


“Would you please give Kevin this £20 and Clive the remaining £30?”

“I will,” Steve replied, “But you owe me a pint for the favour. I’ll take £1 off each of the two, if that’s OK.”

And of course, when Fred found out that Kevin had been short changed, he was incandescent with fury, as were Kevin, Clive and Clive’s friends. Fred resolved to find some new friends who were not George or Steve.


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