Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gods and Heroes and Villains

The plans for a trip to Italy have been thwarted on numerous occasions. Most recently, the Revenge of Hephaestus kept Muggins in the UK. In the style of Ford Prefect, he “…came for a week and got stuck for fifteen years.” At least, that’s what it felt like. And being made redundant five days after bending over backwards to get back to work was to add insult to injury.

Anyway, it transpired that the new employer’s leave year ends on 30 September, and the policy is one of ‘Use it or lose it.’ The Goat had accrued just enough annual leave entitlement for two weeks off. Italy, here we come!

More blog posts will follow as the Goat meshes his detritus, but just for now here are a few sample photos from the extensive and eclectic collection amassing on the camera’s memory chip...

The Forum of ancient Rome - view from the Palatine

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City - Queuing to go through security, evrybody takes this photo

View of San Lorenzo from the top of Il Duomo, Florence

Cerberus (not at all Fluffy) - the inside of Il Duomo, Florence

Herculaneum Ancient and Modern - With Vesuvius ever present


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Jayne said...

Enjoy it hon :-) Our trip last year was awesome. I think my favourite spot is still Perugia. Mikes using all the pics from the tour as a screensaver & many a time, I just sit back & look....ahh wonderful memories!


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