Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Attempted murder: Fine Dh500

I had the extreme misfortune to find myself on the wrong side of a 23 year old Emirati this morning. He tried to kill me.

Instead of the usual and illegal practice of tailgating in his gigantic GMC Sierra pickup in order to intimidate me and my Yaris out of the way, this gentleman rammed my car. Then he rammed it again and knocked it sideways. This is at high speed, in heavy traffic, in the left lane of the Emirates Road.

I wrestled to regain control and chased after the pickup, which was now making good its escape up the right-hand side of the road, and we pulled over on to the breakdown lane.

Eventually, two and a half hours later the police arrived. As I explained to the officer, “For one moment, I thought I was going to die.”

According to the Dubai Police website, my antagonist’s recent driving record is nothing to be proud of:-

  • Dh600 fine from Dubai Police on 29 August: Speeding.

  • Dh600 fine from Dubai Police on 01 September: Speeding.

  • Dh800 fine from Sharjah Police on 04 October: Don’t know, but it earned 2 black points.

And a Dh500 fine from Dubai Police on 19 October for attempted murder.

Less than a speeding ticket.



Mme Cholet said...

Words fail me. So glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

MY goodness, gracious. Since you didn't say anything about being injured, thank goodness for that! tmil.

Jayne said...

In true Middle Eastern logic, it surely must have been your fault, because if you weren't there, the 'offender' wouldn't have had to ram you out of the way!
It was the arrogance of the fekkers that got to me, especially after suffering a similar incident. It left me furious for weeks & the attitude of apathy of local friends made me extremely angry.
I might moan about the standard of driving in SA, but it's 10 times better than the Middle East.
Glad you're OK tho' Mr Goat. I hope you took note of the gits number plate & should you ever see it parked up somewhere, well, lets just say smashed lights & a 2m key scratch down the side of the paintwork helps ease the anger a bit :-)

Grumpy Goat said...

I certainly did note the number. This is how I could check his record on the Dubai Police website.

It was first thing I told the police over the phone because I suspected he'd do a runner.

And when he did, I chased after him and he stopped.

Martín said...

holly cow! glad you are physically alright. I hope he is not... >=(

istanbilly said...

Gotta say GG, I admire your bottle for chasing after the git! You were not to know that he would stop at attempted murder - he might have gone the whole hog!

Glad that you are OK mate!

Grumpy Goat said...


I saw the same driver in the same vehicle this morning. As all his fines have disappeared from the Dubai Police website, it's clear that he's paid his debt to society.

The fact that he's on the road shows that the vehicle was not impounded.

The fact that he still drives like a fcekwit shows that his punishment was completely ineffective.

Ahmed said...

Unbelievable!! Makes me angry....


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