Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitsch tchotchkes

We’ve all seen them. Some have even purchased them. Most of them are brass and glass, and there are even battery-operated ones that flash in various colours. Nanny Goat bought one as a joke last year. Because the title plaque said “Burj Dubai” instead of “Burj Khalifa”, she negotiated a discount. Mazel Tov.

They are all, of course, kitsch tchotchkes. What a fantastic name for a pub quiz team. Or a blog. Not a bad tongue-twister either.

Because these little things please little minds, I am also amused by the snow globe. Not only do we see the two traditional figures caught in an unlikely blizzard, but selected Dubai landmarks adorn the base in front of an incongruous Alpine backdrop.

It is, however, possible to buy rather more up-market twee trinkets. Click on this link and feast your eyes.

Top kwolli’y.



nzm said... know what we said about no gifts?

We really, really, really, really mean it! ;.)

Anonymous said...

is the goat going into import-export? tmil

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Can't have Gulf without cheese! Here's a video of a blinking burj statue in a shop in Dubai too!:

Mme Cyn said...

I dunno, NZM -- surely you must need a mint green Mosque alarm clock to wake you with its melodic scree -- uh, singing.


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