Monday, January 09, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

In short, I haven't made any.


And my abysmal recent record in posting is the sorry state of affairs resulting from a fortnight's holiday in America, or "Two weeks vacationing" in the vernacular tongue, followed by a return to work to find a couple of Sherpas scaling the north face of my inbox.

I'm also acutely aware of a need to be word-perfect for the Doha Players' forthcoming pantomime. Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th January. Once there's a set, I'll also have furniture not to bump into. So three evenings a week are committed to rehearsals.

The holidays have produced plenty of things to write about. There are even photographs that, having been downloaded from the camera, need to be edited and some Photoshopped. The edited highlights will appear in a series of blogs over the coming days. Or weeks.

Please come back and see when I've posted something.



Keefieboy said...

Happy New Year, then!

PS Captcha code for this: catismo

Anonymous said...

Remember, tmil has a keen sense of humor and a very short memory, so you are safe. Glad you made it home okay. tmil

Jayne said...

Those bleddy sherpas get everywhere don't they.......

WV for this is 'restive' - methinks the interweb is trying to tell you something.......


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