Friday, May 25, 2012

Make it stop

It has finally come to this. I had a previous rant about work-related issues, and that supposedly should have got things out of my system. But alas, that was not to be.

My job stinks. Without going into details, because I operate a deliberate moratorium  on discussing work-related material, I’m so utterly fed up with it that I’m chucking it all in. I’m exhausted, completely burned out, and I lack the thick, waterproof skin necessary to shrug off all the grief. There are limits to the amount of work-related stress someone can handle, and I long ago passed that limit. Assuming I’m not already there, I’m heading for what used to be called a nervous breakdown.

Something must change. A new job is possible, whereas the jury’s still out on the possibility of a new life. So the job has to change. I can’t stay in Qatar, and even if I could I wouldn’t. The employer might change but the client wouldn’t, and that is another part of the problem. So here is where I raise my white flag and run away and hide.

It will be difficult, of course, not least in either shipping all my stuff back to Dubai or selling it in the early summer when half the population of Doha is leaving to escape the heat. And I have to deal with everything in the correct order so that I don’t lack the relevant piece of officialdom to do any particular task.



Gnomad said...

Good for you. My advice is that you take a whole year off from work of any kind. Do things you enjoy for that time, spend time with your Beloved Wife, go diving, turn petrol into polution and take some awesome photographs and just look after yourself for a while.

When you've done that, sell as many of your photgraphs as you can and take that up as a career. You are an excellent photographer so why not make a living that way?

Jayne said...

This is not good Mr Goat, not good at all.
I agree with Gnomad & think you should (and deserve) to take some time off work. You need to recharge the batteries & chill for a while.

I hope all goes well. Y'need a cuddle from Beloved Wife.

Paraglider said...

Yes, when it's time to stop, stop. I came very close last year but fortunately a regime change at work has made things tolerable again. I've seen Qatar break all too many people.
Good luck in your next venture, and keep blogging, from wherever you end up :)

Mme Cyn said...

Thank you, Gnomad and Jayne. Beloved Wife supports this 110%.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, tmil totally supports this brave action. Tmil also totally beieves in sabbaticals for anyone in the same field for 20 years or so. The batteries must be re-charged! And, sometimes the goal at 40 or 50 is not the goal that existed in the 20s. As far as tmil knows, we only come here once (tfil disagrees, but what does it matter if you were here before and can't remember it?---but that's for another day). Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you.

Martín said...

I know all too well what you're going through. I wish you better luck and better decisions than what I've lived so far in the last 8 years.


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