Friday, February 28, 2014

Furious driving

Blogging about motoring; it's not that there aren't other subjects, but this one really got up my nose yesterday. So here is my letter to the gentleman concerned. He'll doubtless never read it.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for alerting me of the presence of your FJ Cruiser yesterday, during the evening rush hour. Actually, I knew you were there, thanks to your daytime running lights and your car being only a metre or so behind me on my motorbike at 80km/h in heavy traffic. I didn't really need you to lean on your horn too.

Neither did I need you to squeeze between the central reservation and my bike, the instant I moved to one side of the traffic lane. There was barely enough room for us both, and obviously neither of us could change lane. Rush hour. Too much traffic.

I do hope my shoulder didn't damage your door mirror too much as you shot past me. I believe you were able to stop before rear-ending the car in front, judging by the shrieking of your tyres. My shoulder is fine, thank you for asking.

I have learned a valuable lesson. I now know what FJ stands for, when applied to you and your particular vehicle.

Have a nice day.


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Martín said...

I'm not into road-rage, but in such cases _(tailgaters) I tend to reduce speed and change to the right lane at the first opportunity. Not worth (nor my duty) to try to educate monkeys with knives.


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