Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who'd like a go at driving?

I couldn't resist this little gem, sent to me by one of my spies. The story goes that the Tenerife police stopped a moped on the sea-front road because there were three helmeted riders, and the legal maximum is usually two. It transpired that the middle one was a goat.

Read about it, translated from the Spanish and blogged about by an expat.

Born to be wi - i - i - i - i - ild!

Despite opinions to the contrary, you could make it up, but only if you had a fertile imagination. My own imagination questions what they did with the horns. Could it have looked anything like this?

(The image is probably the property of Walt Disney, Walden Media and/or WETA Workshop).

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Taunted said...

Great story mate - I found it too


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