Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's another tale of crass incompetence by the purveyors of the Red Triangles. Having instructed through internet banking that some money be moved from one account in my name to a different account held at the same branch and in the same name, I rather anticipated that this would take place.

Alas, no. According to the helpless desk, the bank has been bombarded with fraudulent instructions through its website, and therefore chose to ignore, disobey or otherwise dishonour all internet banking instructions received around last week. This being the case, it is highly mysterious that instruction I posted to pay my credit card was processed promptly, as was payment of my SEWA bill (eventually, once SEWA got its act together, but that's another tale).

It would seem that the bank is incapable of picking up the phone if worried about fraud and asking, "Hello, Mr Goat? Did you instruct movement of funds from A to B? Yes? OK then. We'll deal with it."

And how likely is it that some fraudster would hack into someone's bank account and instruct that money be moved between accounts in the same name?

I am pleased to report that four telephone calls to miscellaneous people at various locations and a lot of complaining has finally resulted in my original instruction being carried out. Good things come to those who bleat.

And the title of this post? It's a pun.

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