Wednesday, October 25, 2006

St Crispin

Today, 25th October, is the 591st anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, when Henry V of England defeated Charles d'Albret of France.

Four days ago, 21st October, was the 201st anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

It has long been my opinion that UK public holidays need adjustment. There are too many in the first half of the year: Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day and Late May Bank Holiday (aka Whitsun). Following August Bank Holiday there's then nothing until Christmas. Why not move one of the May events to break up the long autumn of work-work-work?

When should it be? Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, has already been bagsied by the United States. Halloween on 31st October? The fifth of November is Bonfire Night. 2006 is the 401st anniversary of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. (Celebration used to be compulsory in England, by the way). Having a national holiday here rather risks offending Catholics everywhere, and mid to late October is not good, at least from the point of view of the French. I refer to the start of this post.

All of this is of academic interest in the Land of the Sand. I'm back at work today following a two-day Eid break. No three or four day holiday for Muggins, and certainly not nine consecutive days off. Ah, the delights of the private sector.


Taunted said...

I know where you're coming from bud, but because I have absolutely no desire to go back to the UK...


As an aside, your word verification spelt the word briefog today, I know, it's a little cheesy!

El Casareño Ingles said...

Oh you poor waif!

I hope to get Wednesday off (Todos Santos) but that will depend on no US clients wanting to travel that day.

I don't think it's a case of moving UK holidays, just creating more. The UK has a below average quota at 8 or 9 days - I forget exactly how many. Top of the European league is Portugal with 18!

For the record this is the list of Spain's holidays:
1 Jan - New year
6 Jan - epiphany
28 Feb - Día de Andalucía (regional holiday)
14, 14 April - part of Holy week
15 Aug - Don't remember
18 Sep - Not a clue
12 Oct - Día de Hispanidad (Columbus day in the US)
1 Nov - Todos santos (but being usurped by Halloween)
6, 8 dec - Come again?
25 Dec - Ah! Christmas

There may have been a couple more this year but they fell on weekends.


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