Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burj-Man of Alcatraz

The problem with talking about running a sweepstake on when the first BASE jump off Burj Dubai would occur is that some nutter goes and does it before I get the sweepstake organised.

Not to be entirely thwarted, I hereby lay claim to the title of this blog post as a newspaper headline for the story following a possible outcome of the court case.

Remember: You read it here first.

Edited 12 June to add:

He got fined Dh2000. As for '...Dh20,500 in temporary compensation against damages which were incurred by the property owners.' I'd have thought Burj Dubai should be paying the leaper for all that publicity.



Gnomad said...

On a similar vein I have been waiting for some scurrilous gossip and mudslinging regarding US presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his alleged dubious sexual peccadiloes, for no other reason than I really want to post the headline "Obama - Sin Laden?"

Mmm, p'raps I should get out more....


LawfulGoodOfCowplain said...

BASE jumping (n)
A sport invented by Charles Darwin with which to prove his theories.

Oddly enough not yet (apparently) done in Ankh-Morpork off the Tower of Art. Possibly the background thaumic radiation makes actual falling, or retention of humanoid shape, too difficult?


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