Friday, May 02, 2008

Making Wookiee

Sunday is Luke Skywalker Day. May the Fourth be with you.

In commemoration, I have reproduced the lyrics of a little ditty. The tune, written eighty years ago, is here. I have to confess that the concept and some of the words are not my own work. According to Beloved Wife, the song first appeared in around 1979 at the University of Connecticut. Unfortunately, Beloved Wife either never learned or else forgot some of the words. I have been unable to find an original version on the internet and I have therefore improvised, filling the gaps with some lyrics of my own.

If anyone recognises this song and can indicate an original source, I will provide due credit.

A-one. A-two. A-one, two, three.

Now here’s a story
About a movie.
A little gory,
But pretty groovy.
It ain’t the actin’
That's so attractin’:
It's got a Wookiee.

The acting’s silly,
The plot is thin.
The Death Star’s really
Upstaged by him.
He scrapes the ceiling,
He gr-r-r-rowls with feeling
’Cos he’s a Wookiee.

    Seven feet tall and orange.
    Covered all over with fur.
    If only he weren’t bad-tempered;
    If only Chewbacca could purr!
In chess or roulette
The man of tin
Suggests that you let
The Wookiee win.
We learned in Star Wars
No-one can bar doors
Against a Wookiee.



Keefieboy said...

Makin' Whoopee. Walter Donaldson / Gus Khan / Wikipedia.

MAy the Fourth be with you.

Keefieboy said...

Dammit, I meant MAY the Fourth.

Grumpy Goat said...

But who invented the UCONN version?

nzm said...

Don't know who did the UConn version, but I found this one that I liked!

LawfulGoodOfCowplain said...

And, on May 4th, the good ship Jedi was being mended. Wish I'd had the wookie to undo some of the bolts he had apparently previously tightened.

JGMotek said...

I've been told it's also known as "Star Whores" and the lyrics are by Fred Kuhn.


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