Monday, August 18, 2008

Computer says, "No."

Nanny Goat is in town for a fortnight.

In keeping with Tradition, although she arrived on Friday morning, her luggage was still languishing in Heathrow. It was eventually delivered to the Crumbling Villa on Saturday night.

Apparently, the baggage-handling computer at Heathrow's Terminal 3 went wrong on Thursday, and no bags were loaded on to any airline. Nanny Goat's suitcase was eventually loaded on to Virgin Atlantic on Friday night, and arrived in Dubai on Saturday morning.

Bearing in mind what happened in mid August 2007, I'm astonished at the coincidence. Of course, no blame is attached to Virgin on this occasion. Indeed, delivering three hundred miscellaneous bags to the Emirates-wide diaspora of Virgin passengers is no mean feat - especially when it's done in a fleet of Nissan Sunnys. Load a bag, deliver it, return to the airport, load a bag... repeat 300 times.

But given the coincidental luggage issues, I wonder how much Sir Richard would be willing to pay the Goat and his immediate family not to fly Virgin Atlantic in August?


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i*maginate said...

Fitting post title ... love it hehe.

I flew V after a long time but quite disappointed...been trying Etihad which is quite OK. Their computer says "yes"


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