Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fourth again

I always seem to come fourth. Pub quiz, kart racing, and now the Top Gear Fan of the Month.

The worthy winner for November is Alex from Rio with nearly 11000 votes. Congratulations, Alex, and what a terrific photo too.

Kirsty and Jack tied for second and third places with around 3000 votes each, and I came fourth with 2600 or so.

Many thanks again to everyone who cast a Vote for the Goat.



Dave said...

What a bummer - I thought you would be a certainty!!

alexander... said...

Poo. When I swung by to add my click you were streets ahead! :(

Martín said...

Mr. Goat, that is a mighty beautiful motorcycle you have there. Where did you get such a wonderful piece of happiness on wheels???
Oh, wait... it looks exactly like the one I have in my garage (but with the Givi windshiels)!!!! =)
I love the Kawi.

Grumpy Goat said...

The difference is, Martín, I can ride mine this time of year, whereas München is currently hidden beneath a blanket of Schnee and your bike has to stay hidden in the garage.

I know this because I was at the Weinachtsmarkts last weekend :-)

Glühwein, Wurst and Weißbier, all to excess :-)


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