Friday, July 22, 2011

Staple diet

The Goat retrieved his passport, which is currently being passed around government departments as part of Qatar's Residence Permit process, so that he could spend a weekend in Dubai with his Beloved Wife. There's also the Goatmobile to re-register and insure for another year, because that still remains to be sold.

The Goat should like to thank whichever bright spark nailed staples through his new, electronic, machine-readable passport.

The said staples have now been carefully removed. It remains to be seen how much damage may have been done to the passport's delicate electronics.



Seabee said...

I've just cancelled my visa here Mr Goat and had the same problem with staples through my biometric passport. The fast-track automatic machines at Sydney International are not going to let me through I suspect.

nzm said...

They can't staple the New Zealand ones because the Info Page is made of perspex. Mind you, they'd probably try and then shatter it, rendering the passport completely invalid!

Gnomad said...

Machine readable passports are fairly resilient, mine went through the washing machine on the 60 degree cycle and the tumble dryer on the hot cycle and had staples put through it by the Saudi authorities with no apparent ill effects, so be optimistic Mr Goat.

I do agree, though, that the mind numbing stupidity of some officials (especially minor functionaries in government service) can be astonishing, even tot hose of us who are used to it.

Martín said...

never underestimate a stupid.


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