Monday, December 19, 2005

Fifteen minutes

Last week I managed to become a published author!

In addition to being picked as the supplier of the first line for the Lunchtime Limerick on the BBC's Magazine I also got a letter published in the local newspaper. (Ooooh!)

An friend suggested by email that maybe I've used up all of my 15 minutes of fame on the BBC website. This may be true. For the past year I've been contributing regularly to the BBC's on-line magazine and getting the occasional limerick published. The Lunchtime Limerick sort of replaced the Lunchtime Bonus Question, in which a tagline from a recent news story would be printed and offers invited to supply wrong, hopefully amusing, questions that could legitimately elicit that answer. The best one of the week would then receive the coveted LBQ keyring (gasp!). I finally won a keyring, although it took months to arrive.

Recently one of the other LBQ keyring winners sold his on eBay to raise money for the BBC Children in Need appeal. It raised an astonishing £102 . My own keyring is not for sale.


Edited on 7th Jan to note the demise of the Lunchtime Limerick :-(

1 comment:

didaxis said...

I am certain your keyring is for sale for the right price!

*appalling SCottish accent*
Och m'first born child, miserable oats miserable oats!


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