Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We've all got to start somewhere

Here goes with my first ever blog entry on my first ever blog. It's something of an experiment, and will make a change from posting long e-mails to all and sundry.

Maybe I'll get things out of my system by jotting them down here. Who knows? Someone else might even find my various random jottings amusing enough to read.

In due course I'll post some photographs. I can't access my old FlickR account because my ISP has banned the site - and there is a monopoly on internet service provision in the United Arab Emirates. Gosh, thanks, Etisalat! No matter; there are ways around this problem, and you are reading one of them.

I have just spent the past hour downloading Picasa and uploading an avatar. Part of the problem is the newness of all this, another is my dial-up connection (Dial-Up. How quaint!) but a third is Operator Error. One of my work colleagues calls me a Liveware Virus - someone who can't do anything with a computer without it going wrong. It isn't true. I deny everything. As usual.


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Nigel Myall said...

Well done Sir!

Perhaps when you are more polished at blogging and I have an ADSL line (in the New Year), you might advise me on this blog lark. It seems the way to go, and there is so much to tell about Spain.


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