Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The big match

Dancing in the streets. Face-painting in red, white, green and black. Decorating cars with flags and cruising up and down the roads of the Capital and elsewhere. Sounding car horns until the wee small hours. This is how victory in a football tournament is celebrated in the Emirates.

Do they know nothing? Have they learned nothing from the West?

The correct way to celebrate your team's result is surely to:

  • Drink a skinful of lager.
  • Hurl racist abuse at supporters of the other teams.
  • Use phone boxes and bus shelters as public conveniences.
  • Overturn parked cars and set them on fire.
  • Assault members of the constabulary.
  • Throw bricks through shop windows.
  • Complain vehemently when accused of football hooliganism.

    Or maybe the Western soccer hooligans could actually learn a thing or two from Emirati fans.

    Congratulations to the UAE team. You have made a lot of people very happy.
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    Mme Cyn said...

    I was driving in it on the way TO the match, and SZR/Abu Dhabi Hwy was just impossible. I don't think there was a local man anywhere actually at work that day.

    But they do have team spirit. Wonder what it cost the little Shiekhling to re-spray the black "UAE #1" off the side of his yellow Lamborghini?


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