Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Carnal Banana

Actually, this has very little to do with Sins of the Flesh and even less to do with bananas. It's a plug for the Dubai Singers' forthcoming performance of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. The performance will be in the DUCTAC main theatre on Thursday 9th March. Tickets will be Dh 75.

There is so much more to this work than the Old Spice advert or the misadventures of some kid called Damien Thorn. I'd go as far as to admit that Carmina Burana is one of my favourite choral pieces. Another is Mozart's Requiem. So I'm not such an uncultured oaf after all

So why am I not in it? Mainly because to my annoyance every rehearsal so far has been on a Monday, and therefore clashes with the dive club meeting. Plus, I've just booked a holiday in Thailand and the only outbound flight available that suits my itinerary and allows me to use Qatar Airways frequent-flyer miles is also on 9th March. As I'll not have been out of the UAE for 272 days by that time (trips to Hatta and Buraimi don't count) and 285 days since I'll have been out of the Gulf, I think I owe it to myself to go and look at some scenery that's not brown.


Anonymous said...

Carmina Banana? Urk! Thanks for the heads up. I love this - and Mozart's Requiem (which keeps being snuck into movie soundtracks, have you noticed?)- and will definitely be going.

Grumpy Goat said...

I ought to edit my original remark about Sins of the Flesh. Carmina Burana actually includes rather a lot of this, notably gluttony, intemperance and sex. But you'd have to be up in Latin and Middle High German to notice.

LawfulGoodOfCowplain said...

Surprised CB is allowed in UAE, given the fundamental subject matter, namely how to enjoy life as an intemperate reprobate.

Carl Orff's Guide to Life indeed!


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