Monday, January 08, 2007

In the Pink

I have noticed several Google searches ending at The Grumpy Goat that started as a desire to find Pinky's, (or Pinkys, or Pinky) emporium of Indian Furniture and Handicrafts in Sharjah. As a kind of public service announcement, here are some directions to Pinky's in Sharjah.

The warehouse is probably best approached either from Dubai or from the E311 Emirates Road.
From the Emirates Road, turn off at the Sharjah-Dubai border and follow Sharjah Ring Road. It's signposted 'Al Nahda' and 'Al Khan'. Turn right at the first interchange on to Third Industrial Street. The turn is about 2km from the Emirates Road, and Pinkys is in Industrial Area No.10 on your right.

From Dubai, drive through the airport tunnel and follow Beirut Road towards Sharjah. Go straight on through several sets of traffic lights. You enter Sharjah as you drive under the Ring Road bridge, and then look to turn right into Industrial Area No.10. By the way, this route is usually devoid of massive traffic jams, which is probably a good thing. I should point out that the map on "Your one-stop information center" take ages and ages to download on Ye Olde Dial-Uppe, and the Java version doesn't want to work for me at all. And once downloaded, the map alleges that Beirut Road is called 'Al Rashidiya Road', a factoid not borne out by the street nameplates. There are so many inaccuracies in the PDF map that it ought to be entered for consideration in next year's Booker Prize for Creative Fiction.

LOCATION: North is in the top right-hand corner

If the directions were useful (or not!), please feel free to comment.


Taunted said...

You're a public servant now mr gg!!

Keefieboy said...

I reckon you should get Pinky's to sponsor your blog!

Dubai Foodie said...

Hey Mr. Goat,

As you and mme love eating out, why don't you leave a comment on my new blog....

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Goat

This is the Manager at Pinky Furniture. Thankyou so much for helping people to find our location. we really do appreciate it alot. I already have had a lot ppl coming here and telling me about you.

Take care and Thank you once again.

Libraraga said...

Hello Grumpy Goat. Thanks for the directions. I quoted them in my blog -
Thank you! Libraraga


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