Saturday, August 04, 2012

Discovering America

The Goat has been rather busy of late. He's on a huge Road Trip with his Beloved Wife all over the United States. Change in the Goat's employment status [ahem] has produced a chance in a lifetime for an entire month's holiday.

He's taken hundreds of photos so far and logged over 3000 miles in his father-in-law's car. There are also pages upon pages of notes that will, in due course, be condensed into some blog entries. The ferocious itinerary doesn't permit daily blog entries, and the Goat does not believe in posting without at least some proof-reading and editing of the text.

In short, the Goat and Beloved Wife are making a slow clockwise tour around the Lower 48. Please call back occasionally: the Goat has not ceased to blog.



Mich said...

Nice to see you again. Enjoy the trip and looking forward to reading about it :-))

Gnomad said...

I am looking forward to seeing the photos. You're on exactly the trip I'd like to do.
Perhaps you should write it up in the from of an illustrated traveller's tale? "Clockwise 48" as a possible title? You never know you might even get it published and make some money :)

Jayne said...

*removes extremely sharp pin from doll created in image of GG*

Having taken up what we assumed to be a probable 2yr option of working & living where we currently are, we have adjusted our body clocks, muttered many obscenities & have decided to do our much longed for States tour, starting next May. I don't know & don't particularly care how long it'll take, as we have much to see - there being much to see in such a vast country of course.
I am extremely envious of you at this current point in time & if I was any closer, would probably puncture both of your bikes tyres, even if it is parked up in DoBuy.
I'm really looking forward to reading about what you've seen & done! Take care, enjoy & all the best to BW :-)

Anonymous said...

tmil totally agrees with the gnomad----no pressure, of course.


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