Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo story

Here, in roughly chronological order, are the edited highlights of the Great American Road Trip.

Deals Gap in the rain
Ran out of talent on the Tail of the Dragon
Deer on the Skyline Drive
...and bears. Oh my!
Birthplace of the Blues
Crossing the Mississippi
Top quality accommodation
Cozy Cone from Cars? It exists
The very old Route 66
Santa Fe
Do you have anything spicy?
Painted desert
Route 66
Petrified Forest
Grand Canyon
Rainstorm in the canyon 
Named after Hoover, but this certainly does not suck
Bandits in Las Vegas
Elephant seals in the Pacific
Pacific coastline drive
Sun and fog on Big Sur
Hills and cable cars
Named after the pelican
Some of these trees are older than the New Testament
Tacoma Narrows
Ferry to Seattle
Utilikilts shop in Seattle
Exactly the same shape as Bambi's arse
Little Big Horn
Custer's Last Stand
Knutter's Knoll
Devil's Tower, Wyoming
Sturgis 2012: 72nd annual bike rally
Mount Rushmore from the cheap seats
Badlands buffalo
Badlands prairie dog
The Badlands
Apparently the world's largest Bakewell Tart
Badlands bighorn sheep
It rains in Illinois
The Chicago Bean
Sunset over Chicago
Early evening in Chicago
Frank Lloyd Wright: master of the rectangle
Prairie style in the suburbs
Inside the Robie House
27 states and 8888 miles

I promise to write some actual words soon.



Jayne said...

Me to Hubs: Can you pause killing people for a minute?
Hubs to Me: yeah, alright.....wot for?
Me to Me: Grumpy Goat has put pics up of his road trip across the States........

10mis later, Hubs has gone back to killing people & I think one of the victims is called Goat.......

Awesome pics & now both of us are waiting for the words that accompany them ;-)

Anonymous said...

no pun intended, but great "Snapshot" of a very long trip! TMIL


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