Friday, August 24, 2012

Joy of backup

There is going to be a delay in getting the Road Trip written up. I have to re-create, from memory, around a year of data held on my newer computer, and that's going to take priority.

Having bought the thing a year ago, I made a full backup and transferred the working files to the new machine. Then I went off to Qatar. I got back in July and almost immediately shot off to the United States for a month. My round tuit didn't arrive, and anyway there was barely time to turn and spit before jetting off. The GPS mapping software is only held on the older laptop, so this is the machine that got to travel all over America.

Naturally, when I got back I wanted to catch up on the household accounts and so forth. This has so far proved completely impossible because my new computer, an entire year of data (and absolutely nothing else in the Crumbling Villa including the mains adapter for the machine) have vanished without trace. In the total and absolute absence of evidence, the combined efforts of Lord Peter Wimsey, Sherlock Holmes, and Miss Marple would be of no use.

Beloved Wife and I have turned the Villa inside out and upside down in the futile quest to find something that apparently does not exist. I remain hopeful that someone has simply squirrelled the device away in a cupboard somewhere, and it'll eventually be unearthed. If you happen to see an electric-green laptop with a goat logo in white on the lid, do please let me know.


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