Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The boys in blue

All I want is a room somewhere,
In a block near to Rolla Square,
At a rent that ain't unfair.
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

Just because I'm a bachelor
My new home has to be in the
Industrial Area,
Which isn't very loverly.

    Now all bachelors have to move away
    From districts nice.
    We will have to live on mutton,
    Naan bread and boiled rice.
We're constructing your glitt'ring towers
And maintaining your garden flowers
Every day for sixteen hours
To make this place so loverly.



(After My Fair Lady, Lerner and Lowe)


Mme Cyn said...

And of course, Officialdom has missed the point yet again. Of course it isn't the watchmen who are punished if the law if broken, but since landlords show absolutely no interest in their buildings, watchmen are in a prime position to extort money from the poor bachelors. And what the guys don'trelaize is that they can pa the watchman all they want, but what's to stop another tenant from ratting on them? I feel for the guys.

secretdubai said...

Oh that's lovely!

I absolutely can't wait for some really high profile recently widowed western oil exec to be chucked out of his apartment right after the funeral and sent to Sonapur.


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