Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wash day

From the pages of the Hircine Hypotheticon:-


Wet hair
    1. Approach lender for a mortgage.

    2. Borrow money from a bank and purchase a freehold apartment or a villa on some reclaimed land.

Apply shampoo
    3. Contact friends abroad who work in the recreational pharmaceuticals wholesale trade.

    4. Receive through the mail regular consignments of used, non-consecutive US dollars or other approved hard currency. Small bills preferred.

    5. Pay cash into local bank.

    6. If queried, "It's the rent from the apartment that I bought. The one with the mortgage."

    7. Withdraw money from bank account and deposit it in Switzerland, Grand Cayman or similar approved.

    8. Continue monthly for several years and with several apartments.

    9. Sell apartment to a fat prophet at a fat profit, then disappear toute suite.

1 comment:

nzm said...

Hey presto - no more dirty laundry!

I always wanted one of those toot sweets from CCBB!

Saw the movie when I was a girl growing up in Fiji. We didn't know who Benny Hill was then, so it was amusing to view it again when we did!


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