Monday, July 24, 2006

Get what you want. Punch someone!

Have you seen the lurid orange Axiom Telecom adverts in the cinema? The offer is simple enough. Buy a mobile phone, and if the price drops within five days, the shop will refund the difference.

The catch? The refund is in vouchers, not cash as implied by the adverts.

The previous advert featured - apparently - Barney Rubble on the psychiatrist's couch having all his problems solved when he learns that he's due a refund of couple of hundred dirhams. Inane but memorable.

The current advert features a manic, grinning employee, happily dispensing largesse in the form of vouchers to all those customers who were overcharged during the previous week. Then a stereotypical thug appears and demands a refund for a phone he bought five months ago. Through intimidation he gets his refund, and then assaults the shop assistant.

Alright, I know it's a cartoon. I know it isn't real. But the offer being advertised is real.

Leaving aside the ghastly colour and the advert's offensive content that have caused me to remember the product, what is the message?

Apparently, in Axiom telecom we can obtain money off vouchers to which we are not entitled provided we threaten, bully and punch the guy behind the counter. And here's me thinking that assault was a criminal offence.

I certainly shan't be buying anthing from that particular shop any time soon.


nzm said...

Just when you thought the Axiom ad couldn't get any worse, it does!

I detest that Barney Rubble ad - it shows at every movie, along with the ad for Pepsi with the guy singing in the street, the Mountain Dew ad with the guys skating down the carpark ramp, and the Sprite (I think it's Sprite - some lemonade anyway!) when the students leave the lecture room.


Grumpy Goat said...

I don't generally drink cola-flavoured fizzy drinks, but I do wish they'd get rid of that Nancy Ajram woman and bring back "Chihuahua!"


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