Monday, July 31, 2006

What's in a name?

Malaysian children will be relieved to learn that it has become illegal to be named Cedric. Or Sunny, or Cherry or even Tiida. But the restrictions on naming children after cars seems to be limited to Japanese marques. There therefore remains the possibility of being called Mercedes, Portia, Maurice (and possibly Maurice minor for his younger brother), Dennis (after the fire engine), or even Austin.

As it's an honorary title, is Prince forbidden? I refer to the name, not necessarily to the artist formerly known as 'The artist formerly known as Prince'.

The vegetable name ban would have prohibited Terry Pratchett's character Carrot from being so named. And the ban on colours would have made Red Adair's monicker less memorable. Arachne is presumably still OK because spiders aren't insects.

But they are animals, and parents aren't allowed to name their babies after animals. Any living thing that isn't a plant or one of those rather strange organisms like bacteria or viruses is in all likelihood an animal. By that definition, Tarzan's young sidekick Boy would not have gained the Malaysian seal of approval.

That's all for now from The Grumpy (I'm glad I'm not Malaysian) Goat.


ThrashB said...

Since Mercedes Benz was alegedly named after Herr Benz's daughter, it does not seem an inappropriate name.

Wikipedia has this to add:-
Mercedes is a female Spanish name. María de las Mercedes ("Mary of the favours") is a Marian advocation. The singular is merced.
(Using Wiki. in assignment C-. See me later.)

Meanwhile notice William Gibson's use of Chevrolet for a lead character's name in the cyberpunk series 'Virtual Light'.

Mme Cyn said...

I went to school with a girl named Chedda Fromaggio. A friend went to school with a girl named Kristyl Lear. Middle name Sandra.

I kid you not.


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