Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A grand day out

On the east coast of sunny Fujairah
The sea is the Gulf of Oman.
To the west are the famed Hajjar Mountains;
To the south you will find Khor Fakkan.

You're mistaken in thinking Fujairah
(And I don't mean to mislead or kid ya)
Is only the part with the airport.
What about the old mosque out at Bidya?

A nearby rock's called Snoopy Island.
It's noted for snorkels and diving.
Because they're not building a Palm there
The corals and sea life are thriving.

So taking your mask, fins and snorkel
(The sharks are all fiddling and small)
Have a splash for an hour in the ocean
And practise the breast stroke and crawl.

Once suitably tired and sunburned,
Retire to the shade and the caff.
There's old ale (well, lager) and sarnies
And tables outside on the path.

Then drive back to Dubai via Kalba.
I guarantee that the day's fun'll
Continue with driving on twisty
And mountainous roads, and a tunnel.

Thanks to Wallace, and Albert, and Stanley,
Inspirers of my doggerel.
It's not as highbrow as a sonnet;
As for haiku... I write those as well.

Marriott Edgar (1880-1951) was the inspiration for the above, which should be recited in a northern English accent.


Taunted said...

Looks like you had a whale (shark) of a time!

But I really can't imagine you in a wetsuit!!

Grumpy Goat said...

Then try imagining me in just my Speedos.


nzm said...

I was reading it with my best Pam Ayres' accent - will that do? :-)

Grumpy Goat said...

Pam Ayres will do very nicely. As in:
Oi am a bunny rabbit
Sittin' in me 'utch.
Oi loikes to sit at this end;
Don't care for that end...much.

I hope tomorrow's Thursday
'Cos wiv a bit o' luck
If Oi remember roightly
That's the day they pass the buck.

nzm said...

I love Pam Ayres.

I saw her recital in NZ a long time ago when she was popular on What's on Next?. I haven't laughed that much, except for when I saw Billy Connolly.

Her pome time on that show waas my favourite part of it.

Taunted said...

GG in speedos - mate it's bad enough seeing you in your desert garb, at least that hides your knees.

I am a dry stone waller
all day i dry stone wall
Of all appalling callings,
Dry Stone Walling's worst of all.

Yep, I remember pam too

Is this turning out to be the Pam Ayres appreciation blog???


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