Sunday, July 09, 2006

What does 'bivouac' mean?

The local Radio 2 station has recently been running a 'word nerd' competition. It's simple enough: listen to the presenter mispronounce an esoteric English word, look it up in a reasonable dictionary (if necessary!) and SMS the correct definition to the radio station.

The Grumpy Goat was rendered significantly less than grumpy last week when he received a phone call:

"Are you Grumpy?"

"It depends who's asking."

"Would you like a free meal for two?"

"Yes please. Yes, I am indeed the Grumpy Goat. How do I collect the voucher?"

Sumibiya is the name of the new yakiniku Japanese restaurant in the InterContinental in Deira. So new in fact that it hasn't even found its way on to the hotel's own website. As the name suggests (to anyone who understands Japanese), the principle is 'grilled meat'. There's a gas burner in the middle of each table, and diners cook their own slices of meat over the flame. Add to that the vegetables, rice and noodles and the total experience is definitely recommended.

And it was made all the more acceptable because it was entirely free!! Special beverages weren't included, but as I was driving afterwards, this wasn't ever going to be an issue. To those who fancy it, I estimate a decent meal for two excluding booze would usually cost around Dh400. No, not cheap!

bivouac n - temporary encampment without tents


Taunted said...

So let me see if I've got this right.

You buy your food, cook it and eat it. Hmmmm, is doing the washing up an optional extra?

I've won a brunch for 2 at the glasshouse - or at least I have if I can find the ticket!

(No, that's not aan offer, Madame Cyn wouldn't like it!!)

kaya said...

Oii u won it for two! What about us huh?
Ur bosom blogger buddies?


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